The Zug Estates Group develops, markets and manages properties in the Zug region. It focuses on centrally located sites suitable for a wide range of uses and with potential for sustainable development. The majority of the portfolio is located at the Metalli site in Zug and the Suurstoffi site in Risch Rotkreuz and is broadly diversified by type of use.

Continuous expansion of the portfolio

The Group pursues a policy of active growth. Its focus is on actively developing existing reserves in the two areas in Risch Rotkreuz and Zug. Since 2009 the value of the portfolio has practically doubled. In the next few years, the focus will be on continuing the thoughtful development of the Suurstoffi site in Risch Rotkreuz:

Suurstoffi 16–20, will have around 170 rental apartments, 50 units for student accommodation and approx. 7 000 m2 of commercial space.
Investment volume approx. CHF 110 million.

Suurstoffi 39, residential tower block with a height of 70 m, about 100 condominium properties and approx. 500 m2 of commercial space.
Investment volume approx. CHF 70 million

Suurstoffi 2–6, future premises of HSLU, approx. 10 000 m2 of commercial space.
Investment volume approx. CHF 40 million

Suurstoffi 22/43–45, approx. 30 000 m2 of commercial space, development as required.
Investment volume approx. CHF 120 million

In addition, the Group has further development potential at the Zug site with a possible investment volume of around CHF 300  to 400 million.

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