Overview of consumption data

Overview of consumption data (from October of previous year to September of report year)

per m2
per m2
per m2
per m2
per m2
Rental space 195 400 m2100 900 m2105 000 m2119 900 m2140 600 m2
Primary energy supply for heating and hot-water production10.6 Mio. kWh111 kWh9.9 Mio. kWh99 kWh10.2 Mio. kWh97 kWh10.5 Mio. kWh88 kWh9.2 Mio. kWh66 kWh
Primary energy supply adjusted for heating degree days10.2 Mio. kWh107 kWh10.6 Mio. kWh106 kWh10.3 Mio. kWh98 kWh10.0 Mio. kWh84 kWh10.6 Mio. kWh76 kWh
Residential/commercial properties8.0 Mio. kWh108 kWh7.3 Mio. kWh97 kWh7.5 Mio. kWh97 kWh7.8 Mio. kWh84 kWh6.9 Mio. kWh61 kWh
Hotel properties1.6 Mio. kWh223 kWh1.8 Mio. kWh151 kWh2.0 Mio. kWh144 kWh2.0 Mio. kWh152 kWh1.6 Mio. kWh115 kWh
Industrial property1.0 Mio. kWh71 kWh0.9 Mio. kWh64 kWh0.8 Mio. kWh55 kWh0.7 Mio. kWh50 kWh0.8 Mio. kWh55 kWh
CO2 equivalents heating/hot-water2 369 t25 kg2 225 t22 kg2 280 t22 kg2 351 t20 kg2 064 t15 kg
CO2 equivalents heating/hot-water adjusted for heating degree days2 285 t24 kg2 382 t24 kg2 297 t22 kg2 232 t19 kg2 375 t17 kg
Zug City Center site2 054 t25 kg2 148 t25 kg2 109 t23 kg2 069 t23 kg2 150 t24 kg
Suurstoffi site, Risch Rotkreuz2 t0.15 kg10 t0.3 kg
Oberentfelden factory site231 t17 kg233 t17 kg188 t14 kg161 t12 kg212 t15 kg
Electricity – common area2.6 Mio. kWh34 kWh2.8 Mio. kWh38 kWh2.5 Mio. kWh32 kWh2.8 Mio. kWh30 kWh3.0 Mio. kWh26 kWh
Electricity – tenants15.1 Mio. kWh158 kWh14.4 Mio. kWh143 kWh13.9 Mio. kWh133 kWh12.8 Mio. kWh107 kWh13.8 Mio. kWh98 kWh
Residential1.0 Mio. kWh24 kWh1.2 Mio. kWh23 kWh
Office/retail/commercial6.0 Mio. kWh114 kWh6.7 Mio. kWh107 kWh
Hotel/catering incl. common area electricity2.0 Mio. kWh147 kWh2.0 Mio. kWh143 kWh
Industrial incl. common area electricity6.1 Mio. kWh440 kWh5.3 Mio. kWh379 kWh4.6 Mio. kWh329 kWh3.3 Mio. kWh239 kWh3.2 Mio. kWh232 kWh
Other (parking areas, warehouses/archives)0.6 Mio. kWh0.6 Mio. kWh
Total electricity 217.7 Mio. kWh185 kWh17.2 Mio. kWh171 kWh16.4 Mio. kWh156 kWh15.7 Mio. kWh131 kWh16.8 Mio. kWh119 kWh
Zug City Center site11.5 Mio. kWh142 kWh11.9 Mio. kWh137 kWh11.8 Mio. kWh130 kWh11.6 Mio. kWh128 kWh11.8 Mio. kWh129 kWh
Suurstoffi site, Risch Rotkreuz0.7 Mio. kWh47 kWh1.7 Mio. kWh49 kWh
Oberentfelden factory site6.1 Mio. kWh440 kWh5.3 Mio. kWh379 kWh4.6 Mio. kWh329 kWh3.3 Mio. kWh239 kWh3.2 Mio. kWh232 kWh
CO2-equivalents electricity283 t3.0 kg274 t2.7 kg297 t2.8 kg284 t2.4 kg305 t2.2 kg
Water consumption71 948  m30.75 m374 344 m30.74 m372 202 m30.69 m381 240 m30.68 m3100 471 m30.71 m3
Zug City Center site71 392 m30.88  m373 775 m30.85 m371 734 m30.79 m371 510 m30.79 m372 303 m30.79 m3
Suurstoffi site, Risch Rotkreuz8 095 m30.54 m326 825 m30.76 m3
Oberentfelden factory site556 m30.04 m3569 m30.04 m3468 m30.03 m31 635 m30.12 m31 343 m30.10 m3

Consumer data are based on information from local energy suppliers and meter readings at the sites. The data were evaluated by the Center for Interdisciplinary Building Technology (ZIG) of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences (HSLU). ZIG HSLU attests to the accuracy of the analysis.

To allow better comparison of the different sources of energy, heating energy consumption is reported in the form of primary energy and CO2 equivalents. Primary energy is energy contained in the original energy form or source; e.g. mineral oil or natural gas. CO2 equivalents show the amount of greenhouse gas released by energy consumption. These values were calculated using factors according to SIA 2040.

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