Notes to the financial statements of Zug Estates Holding AG

Zug Estates Holding AG is an incorporated company, the shares have been listed on SIX Swiss Exchange since July 2, 2012.

Its registered offices are at Industriestrasse 12, Zug, Switzerland. Zug Estates Holding AG was registered in the Canton of Zug Commercial Register on March 1, 2012.

Financial reporting principles applied in these financial statements

(where these are not specified by law)

The financial statements presented here were for the first time and early prepared in accordance with the provisions on commercial accounting contained in the Swiss Code of Obligations (articles 957 - 963b CO, in force since January 1, 2013). It must be noted in this connection that in order to ensure the long-term prosperity of the company, recourse is taken to the option of creating and dissolving hidden reserves.

Previous year's figures

The previous year"s figures were prepared in accordance with the principles of commercial accounting formerly in force as contained in the Swiss Code of Obligations, but are presented here in compliance with the minimum classification prescribed in the new financial reporting legislation.

Receivables and liabilities

Where applicable, receivables and liabilities are broken down on the balance sheet into third parties, related parties and Group companies. "Related parties" comprises receivables from and liabilities to directors, executives and shareholders. "Group companies" comprises receivables from and liabilities to companies in which direct or indirect participations are held.

A breakdown of "related parties" is provided in the notes.

Securities/financial assets

Securities short-term and financial assets are stated at the quoted price as at the balance sheet date. No fluctuation reserves were established.

Loans to Group companies

Loans are reported at their nominal value. If there are indications that loans have been overvalued, the book values must be reviewed and adjusted if necessary.

Tangible assets

Tangible assets are valued at acquisition cost less accumulated depreciation for tax purposes. The position tangible assets comprises movables. The straight-line depreciation method is applied on the basis of a useful life of 3 to 5 years. If there are indications that tangible assets have been overvalued, the book values must be reviewed and impaired if necessary.

Intangible assets

Acquired intangible assets are recognized in the balance sheet if they are to bring measurable benefits to the company over several years. They comprise software and are valued at acquisition cost less straight-line amortisation over an economic life of three years. Self-developed intangible assets are not recognized in the balance sheet.

Treasury shares

Treasury shares are recognized at the time of purchase at acquisition cost as minus items under equity. In the event of a subsequent resale, the gain or loss is directly taken to equity.

List of investments

CompanyDomicileBusinessShare capital in CHFShare of capital and votes
Share of capital and votes
Hotelbusiness Zug AGZug, ZGHotel- & catering1 000 000100%100%
ZEW Immobilien AGOberentfelden, AGReal estate company101 250100%100%
Zug Estates AGZug, ZGReal estate company1 500 000100%100%

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